Welcome to the “United Filmdom”, The portfolio and tutorial website of me; Chris McFall, A freelance film-maker, animator, and artist.  After over 10 years working in a variety of creative roles, I started freelancing under the name “United Filmdom” full time back in 2012. And have been working hard ever since; developing a diverse commercial & creative Portfolio.

I first went freelance because I enjoy working on every aspect of creative projects much more than focusing on any single task,  and as a freelancer I found clients appreciated knowing no matter what they need, Its all in hand, a one-stop-shop, as it were.

Most of the projects I undertake have been constrained by tiny budgets and tight deadlines, leading to me often writing, directing and filling all key roles myself, but i’m always delighted to be working roles for other film-makers and studios, fitting into their creative workflow as needed.  So whether you need a one man production machine, or you just need a creative to fit into your existing team and workflow, I’d like to think I’m worth a look.

Why not check out the United Filmdom Showreel below, or you can check it out at Vimeo or even just drop me a line on 07854631657 or Email, to discuss your video needs.

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The key to great video is a great story, because, whether you realise it or not, everything has a story.  Stories can build and reveal the essential truth of a thing, the Heart of the matter, the reason to buy or sell. I like to build stories by pulling a subject apart, and then reassembling it with superglue and sticky tape in a new and unexpectedly way.  I use Video, Animation, Visual Effects and Motion Graphics to ensure our stories reach their full potential.  In short I love to make beautiful films, built on the stories that define You, Your brand, or Your business, because we all have great stories just waiting to be told, and I’m here to help you tell it.


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One of my areas to work in is creating CGI Visuals, because lets face it sometimes reality just isn’t enough.  My go to software is the amazing open source software Blender. It Allows us to create the impossible, the hyper real, and the unthinkable.  Whether you want characters, environments, physical simulations (like Smoke, Fluids, Rigid bodies & Crowd simulations) or even Visual Effects work we can provide.


video production cardiff Information, its what makes your world go round, but how to convey it? Whether its a title sequence for your latest feature, or your annual company report. Here In the United Filmdom your numbers can get up and dance, and your literature could beg and roll over… Literally. Using motiongraphics we take the everyday and make it memorable, entertaining, and beautiful.


video production cardiffWhether you need a Cameraman, or Director, a One man production, or you need me to bring together a team for you . With my boundless energy and exhaustive skillset I can make just about any idea a reality. I come with a full compliment of versatile studio equipment. With one quick phone call, You have all the services of the major studio on tap, on set and on budget.

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