Our Services – Video, Animation, VFX & Motion Graphics

I believe that the key to communication is a great story, because everything has a story, and everyone loves Stories.

Stories can build and reveal the essential truth of a thing, the Heart of the matter, the reason to buy or sell. I like to build stories by pulling a subject apart, and then reassembling it with superglue and sticky tape in a new and unexpectedly way.  I use Video, Animation, Visual Effects and Motion Graphics to ensure my stories reach their full potential.

In short I like to make beautiful films, that tell stories that define You, Your brand, and Your business, because we all have a great story just waiting to be told, and I’m here to tell it for you.

Why not check out the United Filmdom Showreel over at Youtube Or Vimeo or just give us a call to discuss your video needs.

Filming, its at the core of what we do. With our boundless energy and exhaustive skillset we can make just about any idea a reality. We come with a full compliment of versatile studio equipment. With one quick phone call, You have all the services of the United Filmdom on tap, on set and on budget.

As Standard, our camera kit is Full HD, and capable of Stunning Slo-motion Or even motion controlled Timelapse.
Our lenses use only the highest quality Nikon Prime glass, hooked up with a precision follow focusing rig, Dolly sliders, & a portable Crane. Heck with a little help from our friends we can even bust out bespoke Aerial and Underwater footage.

“Your Vision, a reality.”

Need Ideas, or have you got an idea that needs fleshing out? Whether its Scripting, Storyboarding, or conceptualizing. Here In the United Filmdom, Creative thinking is a way of life, and we would love to work with you to develop your videos in to a beautiful & kick ass reality.

Videos pretty great, especially the way we do it. But some times, you need something extra special. And thats why United Filmdom provide comprehensive Special Effect Services.

“Extra Special Effects.”

From Blue Screen and Green Screen, Matte Painting, and Scene Extensions, to Full CGI makeup and facial replacements. Explosions, to reconstructions. Crashes, to super speed dashes. Spotlights, to fist fights. Crazy, different, or out of this world? You want it you got it.

Information, its what makes your world go round, but how to convey it?
Whether its a title sequence for your latest feature, or a video to accompany your annual company report.

“Creative Thinking, In Motion.”


Here In the United Filmdom your numbers can get up and dance, and your literature could beg and roll over… Literally. Using motiongraphics we take the everyday and make it memorable, entertaining, and beautiful.
Combining images and text and then extrapolating over time, Let us amaze you.

Deep in the heart of the United Filmdom, is our 3d animation suite. Where we use stunning Computer generated imagery, to breathe life into your products, company mascots, or the occasional horde of ravenous space zombies.

“For video with real Character, Get animated.”

Here in the United Filmdom we work to bring your wildest, weirdest ideas to the screen. So get your thinking caps on with us, and lets dream up something totally unforgetable for your next project.