Greenlight : Product Video

Save Money , Save Space, Save the World.

Greenlight Products in Cardiff, manufacture packaging solutions for industry, the opus bio system is their latest innovation. I was delighted to be selected to produce this shiny new product video for them.  One of the main points of the brief was to try and make  this industrial solution a little more sexy and exciting.  As soon as I heard that, I knew it was time to put away the cameras and time to get out Blender.

I spent a week planning, writing the script, and then over the weekend used Blender 2.69 to whip up a 3d model of the opus hopper.  Over the next week I  set up and animated it, rendering out in cycles over night, except for one particularly noisy shot which we sent over to the amazing render farm RAYPUMP.  Each scene required a different problems solved, the main issue being how to have the flat air cushions deflate then inflate independently from an array whilst following a curve; But thanks to Blenders versatile tool set I managed to work through them all pretty quickly.  It was a quick, low budget job, but one I’m pretty proud of.

I even got to write the music and the new product tagline…

Save Money , Save Space, Save the World.